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Coton Colors

Coton Colors creates products to help you “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day.” That's Founding Artist and CEO, Laura Johnson's motto and it has inspired every facet of our brand. Laura started Coton Colors more than 20 years ago with the help of her family (The very first Coton Colors products came to life in her garage, where she would pour the molds, fire the pottery, and hand paint each piece herself!)

Coton Colors consists of a full product offering for all (and we mean all!) of one’s celebrating needs. All of our designs are inspired by Laura’s lifestyle and designed to encourage people to celebrate their life’s milestones - big and small.

Coton Colors products are all artfully designed out of their Corporate Office and Design Center. Their talented design team hand draws all patterns, selects our unique color ranges and create exclusive shapes on which to apply the patterns. The finished designs are coveted pieces for many discerning hostesses, collectors, and gift-givers, inspiring all to embody the celebratory Coton Colors lifestyle.

To make Coton Colors a successful endeavor, Laura relied on her family ties from the start when she founded the company in 1997. Her husband supported the artist’s dreams and high-intensity lifestyle, while her parents and siblings swooped in to help fulfill the ever-piling orders and bring balance to the chaos of an early business. Laura credits the success of Coton Colors to the family foundation, which still stands today.

“Never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day.” - Laura Johnson, Coton Colors founding artist & CEO.

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