Vintage Animals & Mice

Wee Forest Folk® is a small family business which delights in producing a line of miniatures - most of which are mice.  Annette Petersen crafted her first little critter many years ago. Since then her children have learned the ways of the mice and have created their own! Each is a casting of an original piece sculpted by either Annette, Willy, Donna or Bonnie Petersen.  Annette's first mice were made of bread dough, which didn't last very long (nibbled by the real thing, of course!). Now, we have much more sophisticated methods of molding which add strength and durability to every piece.

We buy, trade and consigment all retired Wee Forest Folk including the animals, event specials, limited editions and store specials.  Contact us at [email protected] if you have pieces that you are looking to part with.

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